Live Arrival Guarantee
Chicks usually make their trip in the mail with no issues. However, if any chicks do not make it, send a picture of the chick(s) to hello@sadscientistfarm.com within 12 hours of receiving them and we will send a refund for the deceased chick(s). 

Livability Policy
Once chicks are delivered via USPS or picked up in person, Sad Scientist Farm does not guarantee livability. Chicks just die sometimes, even under ideal conditions. We are not responsible for any losses once your chicks are in your care.

Pullet Guarantee
If you receive an accidental male chick, send a picture to hello@sadscientistfarm.com and we will send a refund for the incorrectly sexed chick.

Shipped Hatching Egg Policy
Hatching eggs can take a beating in the mail. By having hatching eggs shipped, you are accepting the risk of having a 0% hatch rate. If you want guaranteed chicks, please order chicks. We are not responsible for poor hatch rates on shipped eggs. 

Order Cancellation Policy
Orders can be canceled for a full refund up to one week before your scheduled pickup/ship date. No refunds will be given for cancelations less than one week before your scheduled pickup/ship date.

Preorder Cancellation Policy
There is always risk when preordering a living animal that does not yet exist. There is always a chance we will not be able to fill your order and we won’t be able to notify you until the last minute. If we cannot fill your order, you may have the option to reschedule your order to a later date and if not, you will receive a full refund.