Hi, I'm Leah!

My journey began with a few chicks from our neighborhood hardware store in Minneapolis. I quickly discovered all the different egg and plumage color possibilitiesI was hooked.

I never knew chickens were little science experiments in quirky, endearing packages. Better yet, they reproduce and reach maturity relatively quickly so you don't have to wait for years to see the outcome of your tinkering.

Endlessly curious and (sometimes obnoxiously) persistent, but not ready to move out of the city, I started looking for farm land to lease and I found a great spot in my favorite part of Minnesotathe St. Croix River Valley.

My goals are to combine art and science to breed beautiful birds that lay beautiful eggs and to work diligently to breed vigorous, friendly birds. 

I believe there's nothing better than things that are functional and beautiful. If you're going to feed yourself and your family with eggs from your backyard chickens, you might as well have chickens that bring you joy every time you visit them in the coop or reach in a nesting box.

Welcome to Sad Scientist Farm